Business picks up at YNorth Store in Ibadan [PICTURES]


Business picks up at YNorth Store in Ibadan

Few weeks ago, I attended the official opening of the flagship YNorth Store as previously announced on IBPulse. The new store opened a new chapter in the history of a company that I love so much.

There were so many cool designs on display and the CEO said the new store is a fulfillment of one of their business goals which is to launch their first retail outlet. Prior to this, YNorth Wears has 20 outlets via major supermarkets in major cities in the southwest region of the country.

“This shows how we have been consistent and persistent in making good quality shoes; it also shows that our growth has been awesome,” Bamiro said.

“We have several popular products such as our casual shoe series called YnorthSnippers Series, we’ve also introduced our new Corporate Shoe Series. We are also introducing our female shoe Series called Ynorth Flex Female Shoes.”

Since the company is doing impressively well, I asked why they are now choosing to open their retail outlet.

“The Impact of the new store to our business model is so much. This retail outlet we opening is a test-run of our Franchise Retail Business we will be introducing by the 10th year anniversary. Before then, the company is working to be the largest and most popular fashion brand in Africa so we have our franchise system available across Nigeria and Africa,” he told IBPulse.

He has his eyes set on taking charge of bata Nigeria in order to fast-track the company’s presence in Nigeria and across Africa even though bata Nigeria is struggling or out of business right now

“Also in our store, you get to see more varieties,” he said.

There are several guys in Ibadan and across the nation – even beyond – that are making foot wears which means it will take more than making more shoes to stand out. For YNorth Wears, the founder said the company has been able to carve a unique niche for itself and will stand the test of time.

“What separate us from other is the uniqueness of our product and marketing,” he told IBPulse.

Check out pictures taken at the opening below.

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