Oyo CAN backs Ajimobi on extensively debated education policy


A lot has been said about the fierce opposition to the Oyo state government’s controversial policy on education. While there has been extensive condemnations by several stakeholders including Islamic bodies, the governor and his cabinet members had tried to explain its real intentions. It is therefore newsworthy when a major association throws its support behind the plan.

This morning, media outlets are reporting that the Oyo state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is demanding the unconditional return of schools to the original owners.

The Chairman of CAN in Oyo State, Pastor Benjamin Akanmu, who made this call at a news conference in Ibadan, said  that the Christian bodies are ready to improve the quality of education in the state.

“We are ready to have the schools back and give them quality improvement. We are also ready to partner with government at all levels in other developmental strides embarked upon,” he said.

Akanmu said that the government should maintain its function of making policies and curriculum for the schools.

The CAN Chairman said that government should be willing to take back teachers, who do not want to enroll in the services of the original owners of the schools.

I guess this is a good development for Oyo state government.


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