Can Ibadan host Gulder Ultimate Search?


Gulder Ultimate SearchToday is the last day to register to participate in this year’s Gulder Ultimate Search. By the way if you are interested, quickly register here. We’ve seen various Nigerian states host the show and I’m beginning to ask myself why Ibadan has not been considered yet.

I know Ibadan cannot compete with Obudu, no other city can, but I believe we can host a good show if they link together various facilities around the city that are required for the show. There are rivers in various parts of the city, there are hills and mountains and the view from Bere Bower’s Tower are breathtaking.

Furthermore, the show could get more humane with interaction with people at various areas in the city.

Hosting shows the GUS would go a long way in promoting tourism in Oyo state, especially Ibadan. Stuffs like this should be what the state’s culture and tourism board should be doing instead of dancing old school steps that are less impacting on the tourism aspect of the state.

More than ever, Ibadan has a lot to show to rest of the country and the world at large. Even though this year has already gone, would like the state government to approach the organisers of the show and put something together.

Let’s put Ibadan on TV screens across and beyond Africa.

For the question I raised on whether Ibadan can host the show, like Obama, I say ‘Yes We Can!’


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