Car Accident Rate On The Rise In Nigeria


According to a study concerning the trends of road accidents in Nigeria, it would appear that there is a sharp increase in deadly car accidents in the country. These statistics have powerful negative impacts on the national development of Nigeria, as they hinder economic and social development efforts. According to a 2014 report read at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka inside the Princess Alexandra Auditorium, it would appear that car crashes recorded in Nigeria over the years have continued to maintain a high level. Plus, the majority of victims were mostly young and productive citizens of the country.

Painting A Graphic Picture Of The Nigerian Reality On The Roads

Many Nigerians either get killed or injured on the roads, and this is mostly caused by the same trend found in most low and middle income countries with increased vulnerability to car crashes. At the moment, more than $100 billion has been lost to traffic crashes every year, which is twice the amount of money transferred for development assistance all over the globe by developing countries. Each passing year, the number of victims is on the rise, with an average of 6,000 Nigerians losing their lives to car crashes each year. The 2014 statistic showed that over 4,600 people have fallen victim to deadly car accidents in the country; in other words we notice a significant drop. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that the trend continues to be high. Things could have been a lot worse without the existence of FRSC men on the highways who are put there to draw attention and enforce traffic laws on drivers who are rather recalcitrant. The deployment of rescue teams to the places of car crashed has also helped prevent a rise in the number of victims.

Preemptive Measures On The Road

Drivers need to take enhanced precaution measures while behind the wheel since there is an acute lack of proper road infrastructure that can serve the real needs of the high car traffic volumes and weights. If whenever you are facing some sort of car trouble in the L.A. you instinctively pick up the phone and call the AAA or an emergency automotive locksmith in Los Angeles to unlock your accidentally locked car or fix your jammed ignition, Nigeria does not dispose of a similarly large number of locksmith who work on a 24/7 basis and who can reach any area of a large city within just a few minutes. This often times forces drivers who have accidentally locked themselves out of their cars on the side of the road or who cannot start their engine to stop in the least inspired places on the road, causing crashes.

Drivers also need to respect all of the imposed speed limitations and the rest of the traffic rules, maintain proper distance between them and the vehicles in front of them, and never engage in any form of reckless behavior behind the wheel. All critical stakeholders, as well as transport associations and insurance companies need to collaborate with all all of the regulators of national road traffic in Nigeria for better results.


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