Citizens blame Ajimobi for attack at Olubadan palace


“Monday attack may not be the last since the governor brought politics into the house of Olubadan.”

The Popo Yemoja palace of the Olubadan of Ibadan was reportedly attacked on Monday by gun-bearing hoodlums. Since the governor recently took sweeping actions in the state’s traditional council, it does not come as a surprise to note that some people are blaming Ajimobi.

According to reports monitored by IBPulse in Ibadan, the former Secretary to Oyo state government, Barrister Sharrafaden Alli, was caught in the attacks. Others included three correspondents; Femi Atoyebi, Demola Babalola and Jeremiah Oke, and several others.

The incident happened just before the installation of four Baale.

According to the report, the gunmen who were in a two-door black Sienna, stormed the palace around 11.45am, shouted in Yoruba language “koni da fun iyalaya yin, eyin were e jade”.

Here’s the funny part of the story. A blog reported that “The journalists who were billed to cover the installation of four Baales rolled on themselves inside the gutter in front of the palace.

Furthermore, the car in which the former SSG, who is also Asaaju Balogun, was inside, a black Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep with registration number Lagos Epe 447 ER was also hit with bullets.

The journalists were reported drenched in the stinking water and mud, while Demola Babalola and Jeremiah Oke sustained minor injuries.

The report added that one of the attackers escaped being lynched by whiskers as he fell off the car but guided himself by shooting sporadically to ward off arrest before his colleagues could pick him off while shooting down Gbodu street down the palace.

Ajimobi confirms attack

Confirming the development, the state governor in a statement condemned the act in its entirety and has directed security agencies to ensure that the masterminds are swiftly arrested, interrogated and brought to justice.

“The governor has vowed not to brook anyone or group of people desirous of bringing back the regime of violence and brigandage to the state. He wishes to reiterate his commitment to the security and protection of lives and properties of all citizens of Oyo State, which he has laboured hard to restore and maintain in the last six years,” the statement read.

Citizens blame state governor’s interference with traditional titles

Across the various popular social media channels, news platforms and Nairaland, the state governor is being blamed by several online commenters who believed that his decision to interfere with the royal posts in the city could be responsible for the mayhem. On Nairaland, someone said: 

“We said this OBASHIP TUSSLE will turn to whats happening in politics but mr (I KNOW IT ALL) Constituted authority, said we lack ideas. Peoples blood on their hands. POSTERITY will judge. Any house that is peaceful, the bastard their hasn’t come of age. Now i think it is.”

A closer look at the comments below the governor’s statement that was posted on the state government’s official (verified) Facebook page also showed several citizens believe the governor charged up the chieftaincy ecosystem with his brand new Obas feat.

Morakinyo Emmanuel said: ” If I should say what I have in my mind, Ajimobi will arrest me tomorrow but I will not say it. All what I know is that God knows everything and he will definitely pay everybody according to his/her actions.”

Describing the state government as a complicated one, another commenter taunted the governor’s promise to ensure the culprits are brought to justice.

“Where is killer of member of Oyo state house of assembly who gunmen fired in his house last time where you stake money for whoever help to find the culprit?  Your government that doesn’t find gunmen that murdered honourable in cold blood is gonna find gunmen where no life lost? Complicated government.”

Perhaps the one that really got my attention, which I somehow agree with, noted that the state government ought to have envisaged that there would be many people that would be opposed to the action the governor took in the traditional council. According to the person, every resident of the state expected there would mayhems, only the governor and his team thought nothing would happen in return.

“The state of Oyo will always expect to witness this kind of rivalry and violence in the wake of changing the long-time traditional custom ways…The governor enforced his law and way into Ibadan. Our people should expect to see more of this factions and no peace in Ibadan. Ajimobi as politicised the House of Olubadan.”

But several people also wrote in support of the governor, or at least called for calmness in apportioning blames. One of such is Aliu ‘Seun.

He said: “I don’t wanna suspect or condemn anybody or institution on this ugly event. Some are pointing accusation fingers to the government of Oyo state and this is religiously, morally, and professionally wrong, and it is totally wrong. Truly there are unsettled terms between the government and some sides in Olubadan’s abode, this does not call for castigation or sarcasm on to the governor and the government of Oyo state. Please I am not in support of any side, just want us to be careful in our sayings and allegations here. Let’s wait and see as things unfolds. Thank God no life was lost. God bless Olubadan, God bless the Oyo state government, God bless us all in Oyo state generally.”


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