Collection of permanent voter card commences in Ibadan, residents complain of difficulties


permanent voter cardAs directed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), collection of permanent voter card officially commenced in Ibadan on Friday August 16. Although the exercise was scheduled to commence at 9am and end at 4pm, no center in Ibadan started the exercise earlier than 11.

At thee polling centers co-located at Methodist Primary School beside NTA Ibadan, the youth corps members didn’t show up until 11:42. Pasting of the names of voters took about30 minutes, organizing the frustrated voters took more than 2 hours while the exercise seamlessly got underway around 2pm.

At a center at Olodo, residents said the youth corps members didn’t show up until 1pm and only few residents got their cards. At Moore Plantation however, officers assigned to the polling station didn’t show up on the first day.

Adetoro Adejoke Rafia reported that at Ibadan South East, INEC officials were present at some polling stations and absent at others.

Voters at the centers where INEC officials showed up complained the officers were not adequate enough for the exercise. “Here at Holy Trinity Secondary School, they only sent one youth corps member who doesn’t even understand Yoruba which means the process would be very slow for him and tiring for us,” a voter told

In addition to the insufficient manpower for the exercise, also found out a good number of the youth corps members involved in the exercise are inexperienced and poorly trained. Voters had to step in at some of the polling center to ensure the process got underway on time.

“The process is so slow at our center and the security officers couldn’t help the corper because they were just instructed to ensure there was no violence and ordered not to touch election materials but why will INEC send more security officers than election staff?”

“I also observed some of the corpers are just doing this for the first time and many of them are too sluggish which means people will shout on them if they believe their time is being wasted,” a voter told at Iwo road.

For voters that have lost the temporary voter card, INEC told’s managing editor they will be required fill an attestation form and attach their passport photograph before they will be given the card at the polling center.

The updated procedure in Ibadan is simple. Go to the polling center with a passport photograph if you’ve lost the temporary card or the temporary card if you still have it. Check your name on the list and note the serial number.

At your center, they may decide to call names while at some you may be asked to queue. Whichever style they decide to use, note your serial number on the pasted list and when you are called, tell them in order to make the search easier. You will be required to thumbprint and/or sign. would recommend that you should be patient and just relax and enjoy the company of other Nigerians doing what they are required and expected to do.


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  1. Kenny Ogunleye on

    for those that have lost their own temporary voter card, and have check polling unit but didnt found their name or pics on the sheet,pls what can we do in other to collect our own.

  2. Pls it will be greatly appreciated by Ibadan people including I if you can list the location of the Voters Polling Center in Ibadan. Ibadan is a very big city and many don’t even know where the registration is taken place in their Area/Residence. Thanks.

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  4. pls & pls am unable to do my voters card registration pls and i want it becoz of my future i was unable to open bank acct becoz of i don’t hav it where can i get mine help ooooo

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