Commonsense approach to judging Ajimobi daughter’s money spraying video


There is something missing regarding the story of Ajimobi’s daughter spraying money, it is commonsense

This morning, I received a fiery email from the Special Assistant to Oyo state Governor on Social Media, Babajide Fadoju, regarding a video that is circulating on social media reportedly showing the daughter of the governor, Abimbola, “shamefully spraying thousands of dollars at a party in UK in such a reckless and flamboyant way.””

According to the controversial video, many Nigerians and people of Oyo state are crying out about the impunity shown when students of the state have to face strikes and their schools are shut down while many civil servants are not paid their salaries on time.

“Should the father not call his daughter to order?And will anybody spend money they worked hard for in such a way?,” the person that posted the video, Ayaba Olori, asked.

Refuting the claim, Fadoju spoke some ‘big English’.

He said: “Dear compatriots, I wish to call your attention to a trending phenomenon that is not only deeply troubling but truly capable of destroying the basis of our society, if not the essence of our humanity. I speak about the growing culture of impunity with which some disgruntled fellows exploit the social media for their callous and nefarious ends.

“I refer to the relentless and remorseless disservice to which these miscreants have employed the social media as a platform for demagoguery, as purveyors of their hate messages and as vehicles for the character assassination of their political enemies. I fear that if the patriots and decent citizens among us fail to rise urgently and act in unison against these rampaging army of barbarians, we may soon rue the day and reap of the whirlwinds of our indifference. Guys, the barbarians are at our gates! If we ignore this warning and console ourselves by turning our eyes away from the door of our Neighbourhood under attack, we risk the greater audacity with which our doors will be pounded soon. As the Yoruba would say, ‘the death that is killing our brethren is a sure sign of what is to come to us’.”

He based his argument that the governor’s daughter was not the person spraying money in the video by asking us to do the following:

“Pls compare the ‘spraying lady’ with any of the Ajimobi daughters; any resemblance? The music, setting and cultural environment; is it Yoruba? Well, please make your deductions. For the avoidance of any doubt, the lady in that video is NOT Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s daughter.””

And that was it. Bad move I must say since readers will not be convinced enough about the government’s side of the story. What if the wedding was that of an Igbo friend or does the governor’s daughter online attend Yoruba weddings?

I believe the media team ought to have try and find out the full story about the video – who was in it and what was being celebrated. Instead of the weak shot and big grammar, the governor’s media team could have tried to find the original version of the video which I got by just searching for the file name of the video via Google. Search for “Nigerian Woman Spraying Dollars in Bundle at Daughter’s Wedding” and you would see that the video was actually first published in 2016. Find the original video below.

The original poster of the video posted it on July 11, 2016 and said: “Can you say Nigerians don’t have money after watching this video?” No information about the video. But I looked at the video over again and I got two key leads that revealed all the information I needed about it.

At the 58th second mark, the person singing said “Happy birthday mama” then I realised that it wasn’t even at a wedding party, instead, it was someone’s birthday party. If I could get the details of the person that organised the birthday party, I believe Abimbola can be exonerated. Interestingly, the name was there all the while staring at us but our attention was more on the money being sprayed.

If you look closely, there is a banner with Mrs. Florence Edo boldly written on it. I went back to Google and typed Florence Edo and I got several pages and images taken at the party. The party by the way was held in Amsterdam and not UK as Ayaba Olori said in his or her fictitious post. I was able to get the picture of the woman spraying the money which you can find below, she’s the one wearing head gear.

I believe this is a more valid and believable argument to exonerate Abimbola from that video. It doesn’t take much to verify stuffs like this and people are not stupid – they want facts and not emotions.

By the way, how come the government’s team came out in public to tackle the fake video but were dead silent regarding the one on #ConstitutedAuthority?

PS: Do the governor’s daughter/team know that they can report such videos to Facebook and YouTube to have them pulled down? Just a penny of thought


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