Companies emigrating from Cocoa and Heritage Malls to Palms Shopping Mall


Last week I reported that kids clothes outfit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble has become the latest company to leave Cocoa Mall Dugbe. Apparently, the company decided to shutdown its operations at Cocoa Mall in order to entirely focus on driving all its customers to its outlet at the Palms Shopping Mall at Ring Road. The company is not the only one taking this step.

Last year, IBPulse also reported that popular eatery, KFC decided to exit the Cocoa Mall but few weeks ago, I found out the company is now operating at the basement of Palms Spring Mall with several other restaurants.

There is also Pep Store, MedPlus, HealthPlus, Etisalat, Airtel, Solat Telecoms and several other outfits that have outlets at Heritage Mall or Cocoa Mall – all of which are now operating at Palms Shopping Mall.

Even though investigations revealed the cost of getting a space at Palms Shopping Mall is higher than that of Heritage Mall or Cocoa Mall, this apparent emigration goes a long way to prove that as far as the big companies are concerned, cost is not the issue. In this case, the cost may actually be the reason why they are moving.

I asked the owner of a company that is still operating at Heritage Mall whether he is interested in moving.

“Owning a space at Palms is the dream now. I will definitely move if I can afford it,” he told me.


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