Concerns raised over proliferation of filling stations in Ibadan


Concerns have been raised on the proliferation of filling stations in Ibadan.

The Permanent Secretary of Oyo State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr Busari Olalekan has expressed concerns over the proliferation of filling stations in Ibadan. This he said is just one of the increasing demand for land space in urban areas in Ibadan – something he said is as a result of increasing urbanisation.

Increasing urbanisation, Busari said, had necessitated the need to continuously review planning regulations to meet with current challenges.

“There is a pressure on existing land. Old structures are giving way for new structures but the issue of managing the urban space is to regulate what the land is used for. But, within the core areas of Ibadan North, Ibadan South East, Ibadan North West, there is no space, yet people want to build there.

Noting in particular the proliferation of filling stations, particularly in residential areas, and the building of houses on water ways, setback to streams, setback to high tension power lines, Busari told Nigerian Tribune that many developers cum owners fail to seek approval from the relevant ministry before development of such structures.

“In particular, we have discovered the upsurge in the rate at which people build filling stations in residential areas. You observe that people buy off some derelict lands and dilapidated houses in core areas and before you know it they are building filling station.

IBPulse gathered that he bemoaned bemoaned the flagrant disregard for planning rules and standards guiding the development of buildings and erection of structures in the state.

According to him, disregard for planning rules had continued to put unnecessary pressure on available resources in the state and continued to make Ibadan look unplanned.

Instancing with the peculiarity of road congestion in Ibadan owing to developers non-compliance to prototype preconceived land use zoning of the city, Busari hinted that the government was all out to sanitise and curtail such uncontrolled development.


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