Cows took over entrance to UCH Ibadan [PICTURES]


Last Sunday, cows took over the entrance to the UCH Ibadan. Luckily I was there to take pics

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw quite a lot of cows at the entrance of the UCH Ibadan.

It was a normal Sunday evening that I decided to visit the University College Hospital Ibadan when I saw motorists struggling to find space in the midst of cows.

I am not kidding. I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing so I brought out my phones to take some pictures.

I began to ask myself how come herdsmen were allowed inside the premises of the hospital?

In the light of the ban on free grazing that some states including Oyo State embarked upon, how come the herdsmen were bold enough to take their cows to the hospital and decided to put the lives of patients at risk that day.

So check out the pictures below and shake your head as we all pity how bad things have become in this country.


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