Dapo Lam Adesina denies arrest rumors


Earlier this morning, while at my polling station, some voters around me were convincingly claiming former commissioner and member-elect of the House of Representatives, Dapo Lam Adesina, was in police custody.

Armed with this information, I contacted him directly and he dispelled this rumor. At the time the rumor was being spread, he said he was preparing to vote at his Felele polling station.

He had earlier spoken to Splash FM crew on the conduct of the election in his area.

IBPulse was informed about the situation at a polling station at Itaagun where a ballot box was snatched. In response, Dapo said it would be the handiwork of Arole Gbenga Adewusi of the Accord Party.

“He was also almost arrested on March 28 for ballot box snatching and violence. This is what happens in that area all the time,” he told IBPulse.


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