WIll Dapo Lam Adesina be a good honorable?


I was the first journalist he spoke to when he assumed duty as the honorable commissioner for industries, science and technology. In an exclusive interview, Dapo Lam Adesina told me how passionate he is for the state, the citizens and how he is striving to make positive impacts everywhere he goes.

But when I asked him about his 2015 ambitions, his countenance changed and although he didn’t say anything conclusive or definitive about it, I knew he is contesting for something. His failed ambition to become the youngest federal lawmaker in 2011 came to mind. So I wasn’t surprised when I was finally told he would be gunning for the same position come 2015.

For the past two weeks I’ve been asking myself whether Dapo would make a good honorable or will be better elsewhere. While the answer to that maybe very difficult, I can help you guys with what I’ve gathered so far after closely interacting with him.

He had had his fair share of disappointment with the system and has proved himself to be someone who has something to offer. I remember we spoke at length on how he could positively transform the technology sector in Oyo state. I pitched lots of ideas to him that I’ve not seen them materialise in the state. So I asked myself why can’t he just be committed to that instead of just gunning for Abuja.

I got my answer when I was riding to Ibadan from Lagos with the DG of a major establishment and we began to talk on why the technology sphere in Oyo state isn’t as vibrant as that of Lagos. I chipped in Dapo’s magic at the sports ministry that he couldn’t replicate at the technology ministry. And we both agreed lots of policies are needed to transform the ministry, stuffs that are beyond Dapo’s control.

The intelligent DG told me: “You and I know we need to reposition the technology industry but if he focuses on just providing broadband and supporting startups, those that believe he should be giving them money to start their own businesses would feel disenfranchised.”

He is right. Because I remembered the disappointments written on Dapo’s face when I asked him what went wrong at the Oyo state Ministry of Sports especially Shooting Stars, he told me there is problem with the management of the ministry and spoke on how selfishness and greed are destroying the ministry.

I told myself this guy isn’t a contemporary politician, he is progressive but is being frustrated by the Nigerian factor. So I clearly understand why he believes he could make more impact as a lawmaker. But my fear is the serious rot in Abuja.

Two years ago, I was part of a federal government’s initiative to tackle rape in the country. I had the opportunity to interact with legislators and other stakeholders in Abuja and believe me when I say what is happening in Abuja is more serious than what Dapo experienced at the sports ministry.

But we need individuals like Dapo to give us doubts about the system, we need people like him to make us have a reason to follow proceedings in the chamber although he may not be too powerful to influence much considering the fact that cankerous corruption has eaten deep into the brain tissues of more than two-third of our lawmakers. But we still can’t fold our hands and accept fate. We will continue to try new hands until we see who is best fit.

I am not saying Dapo is the best candidate we can get, all I’m saying is we deserve better reps than we currently have in Nigeria. And those reps from Oyo state are usually absent in the chambers cos I’ve never seen any of them propose a bill that got passed in the house.

PS: I’ll try to track him down for an interview to discuss his ambition


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