Demanding justice for crushed motorcyclist at Iwo road Ibadan


In search of justice for crushed Okada motorcyclist at Iwo road Ibadan.

This is a special report on the death of a motorcyclist at Iwo Road Ibadan following the actions of VIO officers…

Last October, I published a story in which I called attention of everyone to the plight of Okada riders in Ibadan especially in the hands of government officials and union workers. Well, the worst happened on Tuesday wheen VIO officials pursued a taxi driver who rammed into an Okada rider and the guy found himself under a trailer who crushed him to death.

Yesterday, commercial motorcyclists, popularly called “Okada Riders” destroyed the office of Vehicle Inspection Officers, VIO in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, following the death of their colleague which was caused by VIO officials.

Daily Post reported that trouble was said to have started after the VIO officers, who were in pursuit of a commercial cab for breach of traffic rules and in a bid for the taxi driver to escape the VIO officers, he rammed into the commercial motorcyclist, crushing his head in the process.

The action of the VIO officers was said to have led to a breakdown of law and order as commercial motorcyclists stormed the office of the VIO officers, vandalising it in the process.

Commenting on the incident, an eyewitness said: “While the VIOs stopped the driver of the taxi for a routine check and he wanted to run away, he hit the Okada man who unfortunately swerved right underneath the trailer which overran him and killed him on the spot.”

Daily Post gathered that the VIO officers fled the scene of the accident on seeing what their action had caused.

The irate motorcyclists on getting to office of VIO at Idi-Ape, were said to have vandalised some properties belonging to the body.

It was learnt that the timely intervention of the police helped calmed the situation from degenerating into a full crisis, while some of the protesters were arrested in the process.

The least a real government would is to bring the officers responsible for the actions to justice. They also need to visit and apologize to the family for irresponsible actions of the overzealous government officials because as far the public is concerned, officials of Governor Abiola Ajimobi-led government are responsible. Justice should be served for me to take this government serious.

Here are pictures I took at the scene.

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