Dr Lekan Are tasks Ibadan youths on development

Dr. Lekan Are, Chairman of Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Ibadan, has enjoined youths in the ancient city of Ibadan to actively play their vital roles in the development of the city, state and country. According to him, the nation’s youths are the hope of Nigeria. 

He said this while speaking at the Oluyole Club of Lagos 2013 Party and Annual Lecture entitled, ‘Kindling the bubbling Ibadan’ held at Kakanfo Inn.
He said he is satisfied with the proposed technical university in the state which according to him would introduce a new dimension to education and help students to think better.
At the event, 10 university students from Ibadan won bursary awards while a number of prominent citizens were recognised.
“The Oluyole Club was founded in 1968 but today, the young people, who are the future of the city, have yet to establish their presence, leaving the affairs in the hands of those who have been there for more than 30 years. They should also come out and join the club and contribute to its success and development,” he said.
He added that “brain development is very important in the lives of human beings but it does not happen with reading alone. Our youths must learn to think, generate ideas and put their talents to use. By now, we should have found a way of doing medical surgery without pain to the patient.”

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