Dropping Ajimobi at what cost?

I can’t just see a single relic of Ladoja’s reign as to confer on him the political credibility being ridiculously arrogated to him.

He could not control the state during his last tenure and hoodlums just woke up one day and chased him out of the Agodi government House like a dog!

He ghostly wandered the state political outskirts for almost 3 years before some good Samaritans found him in the political gutters, rescued him, rehabilitated him and re-integrated him back to the Agodi office.

Being the slow, sluggish and the tardy political amateur He has always been, He was again chased out of the office by another political rogue, Akala, a rotten dismissed corrupt police officer whom Adedibu, the then Godfather of Amala politics used to siphon the state treasury.

Ladoja simply earned the sympathy of the the masses due to the manners in which he was regularly being politically bartered and the manners in which his tormenters threw the state into some anarchical notoriety.

In short, his tenures and that of Akala were characterized by blood letting and blood spilling in such dimension that was almost boko-haramisingly distasteful.

No person from Oyo state, who does not suffer historical anamnesic disconnect will ever wish the state witness such kind of political turmoils as foisted upon them by the duo of Akala and Ladoja ever again.

Unless a truly formidable candidate is launched upon the podium of opposition, one can be sure that Governor Ajimobi is having a smooth ride back to the office.

This opinion piece was contributed by Abdul Azeez Debimpe

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