Ebola: Filmhouse Cinemas acquires hand sanitizer(s)


Ebola is the trending topic in Nigeria now as everyone – both old and young seems to be taking steps to prevent getting the infection.

Ever since the virus was detected in Lagos and suspected at OAU, Ibadan residents are scared about the virus as revealed in a previous IBPulse.com exclusive report and the management of the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan is working on an Ebola isolation center pictured here.

Last Thursday, I was at the Filmhouse Cinema at Dugbe. After paying for my movie ticket and as I was making my way to the cinema hall, I saw something unusual attached to the wall near the hallway that leads to the various cinema halls.

The new hand sanitizer at Filmhouse Cinema Dugbe Ibadan

The new hand sanitizer at Filmhouse Cinema Dugbe Ibadan

At first I thought it was a fancy automatic thermometer that would automatically detect your body temperature and would beep if you are suspicious. Whatever it was, I knew it could only be for Ebola.

To confirm or deny my theory, I asked one of the guys what it was. He said it was hand sanitizer. It looked fancy, techie, sophisticated and expensive. Instead of walking straightaway to the cinema hall, I waited to see if anyone would use it. No one did throughout my waiting period.

So, what is the purpose of the stuff? Is it for just workers? If movie goers are also expected to use it, shouldn’t there be a notice somewhere or shouldn’t someone be saying something?

While the move by the management of the cinema is quite commendable, I believe they should also extend it to other aspects of the cinema. The ticketing section for instance. We place our hands there and should be regularly disinfected.

The food section seems alright while the cinema halls don’t threatening to me.

A major issue of concern however is the efficacy of the control strategies during movie premiers such as that of Half of a Yellow Sun that recorded sold out screenings, it is usually impossible to avoid making body contacts. I was actually sandwiched between two ladies.

The cinema management should look into that too.


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