Electric Griddles vs. Electric Skillets [Sponsored]


All you need to know about Electric Griddles and Electric Skillets [Sponsored]

While some people consider, which of the two devices to buy for their kitchen, a lot of them don’t have even the slightest idea what the difference between them is. However, there is a difference, and it’s huge, trust me! Let’s talk about the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of griddles and skillets, and consider all of their “pros” and “cons”!

So what are these appliances and what is the difference between them?

Electric griddles are ideal if you want to use them for cooking breakfast-type food for your family, like crepes, fried eggs, French toast and so on. They feature a large flat exterior without walls making the process of preparing your breakfast for the whole family a piece of cake.


On the other hand, the skillet features an exterior that has small barriers, a cover and is heated from underneath. These barriers help keep your food inside, so you can mix the ingredients with more ease. Another function of the barriers is to enable you to use liquids in the cooking process.

The cover helps you to be in control of your cooking. Electric skillet can replace an extra burner for you if are getting ready to receive a lot of guests and cooking a lot of dishes. It will help you to cook dishes like rice, stew and a lot of others.

Benefits & drawbacks

Benefits of an electric griddle:

  • Cooking for a large family – if you want to make enough grilled cheese or pancakes for everybody, an electric griddle will cope with this task quicker and easier than a pan on the stove.
  • Multi-Purposeness – there are types of electric griddles that feature reversible plates enabling the usage of the device as both an electric grill and a griddle.

Drawbacks of an electric griddle:

  • The absence of walls or a cover doesn’t allow you to use the appliance to cook dishes that require pouring liquids inside such as rice, for instance.
  • Large dimensions: griddles are normally bigger than skillets and therefore, take up much more space.

Benefits of an electric skillet:

  • High Walls and Cover allow you to use liquids and keeping heat inside the pan so you can cook dishes that need stewing and boiling.
  • Fried Foods – the presence of a thermostat in these appliances help to keep a stable temperature and cook your fries much easier and quicker than with help of an ordinary skillet.

Drawbacks of an electric skillet:

  • Smaller Cooking Exterior – the walls limit the general cooking space.
  • Fewer Functions.

Considering the advantages and limitations of these two appliances, it becomes obvious that electric skillets are ideal kitchen helpers for those who love cooking their cereals and stews faster and with more control!

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