Exploring the funny side of Christianity with FriendzWithYou


These days, I’m very impressed with how much fun you can have in Christianity especially the emergence of a new genre of Gospel comedy. There is a new one that focuses on Christianity in Nigeria and it is called FriendzWithYou and you can access it here. According to director of the production, Oladipo O’Fresh, FriendsWithYou is an online series of Christian comedy.

“There are lots of online videos everywhere most of which don’t bring glory to Christ and Christianity. Funnily, Christians are the ones who share them most. So we thought of a way in which we can bring Christian teachings and values into an an online series hosted by YouTube and presented through our website,” O’Fresh told IBPulse.

He said Friendzwithyou is a web series produced by Ayokunle Fatokun,  directed by O’Fresh and presented by Emeka and Jamie Gold also starring Yejide Oladipo, Omoge Tope among others.

“Friendzwithyou is aimed at educating and entertaining; it makes use of comedy skits and pedestrian interviews in presenting each episode,” he added.

New episodes are put up weekly and this may or may not change as time goes on.

Visit their website at www.friendzwithyou.com for updates, new uploads and video downloads. You can also connect with the team via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search for friendzwithyou


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