11 exquisite Valentine Day destinations in Ibadan


This list was for 2015, you should check out the one for 2017 here

Love is in the air across the world and even though St. Valentine died in the service to humanity, February 14 is more or less a lovers’ affair. It’s all good. So, if you are in Ibadan and you think the city is boring and dull, you are very wrong and I would like to share with you some exquisite places you and your lover can hang out to celebrate this year’s Valentine Day.

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1. Agodi Gardens ranks high on my list because the place as far as I’m concerned is a lovers’ paradise. There is no lady that you would take to the place that won’t appreciate it especially if you plan it well. Planning will require getting some food with you because the restaurant there is not functioning yet and you can go at any time of the day although I would suggest visiting in the evening because of the cool breeze, dim light and aesthetics that will keep both you and your lover in the mood for whatever you plan to do afterwards which is none of my business. Read more about Agodi Gardens here.

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