Fear of flood grips Ibadan residents



Rainfall has become persistent these days and has heightened the fear of flood among residents of Ibadan.

Just yesterday (Thursday), I saw the Olopo Meta aspect of the Lagos – Ibadan expressway flooded, forcing motorists to take to the other lane. Within the metropolis, fear of flood is also palpable especially in areas that are notorious for dumping refuse in the drainage system.

As a precautionary measure, residents of Ibadan have been advised not to build houses in waterways; we also being advised against dumping of refuse in canals.

The advice became necessary to prevent practices that can lead to flooding.

Zonal Coordinator, National Emergency Management Agency, Dr Abdullahi Onimode, who gave the advice, urged people to adhere strictly to early warning weather alert from the media and move from flood prone areas.

The raining season is here everyone. The situation in Ibadan is also fearful especially in areas where the level of education of residents on environmental impact of dumping refuse discriminately is low.

So I’m urging you to enlighten your fellow residents on ensuring the gutter are free – flowing.


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