Feature Ibadan acts or your show will flop, says Encore:TIMIN

A movement dedicated to ensuring that the entertainment industry in the ancient city of Ibadan is not sidelined by events organizers said they are ready to mobilize residents of the city against events organizers who refuse to feature Ibadan-based acts.

In an exclusive chat with IBPulse.com, Rolake Bello, head of the movement said it is a big slap on the face of the city for organizers of shows such as Night of Thousand Laughs and several others that bring acts from various parts of the country to shows in Ibadan but fail to include Ibadan-based acts in the line up.

“It is egregious, a slap in the face, we will nail that coffin with #EncoreTIMIN. You feature us or your show flops. We will mobilize our people,” Bello said.

When asked about the quality of delivery of Ibadan acts compared to those that are based in Lagos and elsewhere, he said Ibadan-based entertainers can compete on any stage with the popular ones that are being promoted aggressively.

He said: “I can say authoritatively that 90 per cent, if not more of the so-called acts are not Lagos indigenes, so, what exactly do we term Lagos acts? With the right platforms and incentives we will rule the game.”
On why the city that once produced stars such as Olu Maintain, Sasha, Earthquake,Twin X and several  others is struggling to have acts on the national scene, Bello said the acceptance of mediocrity in the Nigeria’s entertainment industry is responsible.

He said: “Nigeria as a whole has embraced mediocrity over quality.”
To ensure that Ibadan entertainers gain national attention, he said the movement has put together a platform that would elevate the city to its rightful place in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
“This is more than an event for us; it is also a dream bigger than any one person. It is a platform to elevate the status of the city of Ibadan and its talents – both known and upcoming. It is their chance to be heard,” he said. He added: “Also we would like to give Ibadan a reason to come out. We get all sorts of excuses, so, we’ve brought that organisation we all crave to IB city; this is what we term ‘Tiwa ni Tiwa’.”
 The three-hour show would be held on Friday November 1, 2013 at Smoothabar, Abal Halls, Akobo.
He said: “Red Carpet starts at 7pm. The show would be followed by
an after party.
It’s free and we have free cocktails for the first couple of dozen people that come early on the red carpet. Tables are available for “friends” at NGN20,000 to support the movement.
“We need to switch the game and have a paradigm shift; we need to let it be known that Ibadan rocks and support our own acts, DJs, OAPs and others.
“We have pooled our own resources together to pull this off, no sponsor. We are going to have the town’s best artistes, both performing and making appearances. We have the best in the entertainment industry: OAPs, Djs, VJs.”
Performing artistes include Pizzie, Portah, Phizzle, King DJ Secxy, Ydee, Tundey, Zorah, Glenn, Classique, Femi Knight, Young Froddo, Teesongz, Tuwyze, Jayru, a live band  and several others

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