Focus on the first made-in-Ibadan music video to win NMVA's Best Use of Visual Effects


Oladipo O’Fresh of freshpromultimedia directed the first video of gospel music sensation Gbade Adetisola’s song titled Baba Ti soro (the Father has spoken). Apparently that was his first music video too and it ended up winning the Nigerian Music Video Award (NMVA) under the Best Use of Visual Effects category. This is the first time that award will be coming to Ibadan. So I spoke to O’Fresh on the video, the award and other matters arising.

IBPulse: Tell me about the concept of the video?

O’Fresh: We used a 3d animation story presentation technique to tell the story of a young lady who is into track running, She lost a major race and had a serious injury which could have ended her career, but via prayers, study of the word and then some dedication to her passion, she won the next race.

How does it connect with the message of the song?

The song talks about the faithfulness of God to his word. The lady turned to God’s word after the fall. And via the study of the word she found strength in the midst of the situation that would have ended her career.

Why did you choose that concept for the video?

I guess it was just God’s inspiration, because my initial plan was to shoot that story. Then few days to doing that, I felt a voice telling me to animate it instead, plus the fact that I got tired of most gospel videos around, especially most that are made copying styles of secular music… I believe.

Gospel music video should be inspirational not just a show off of cars, makeups or partying. And I also wanted something kids will identify well with given the fact that we often forget they relate even more with our music.

So let’s talk about video production in general, what do you think are the features of a good video?

A lot of things actually, and I think it varies from person to person. But I’d say simplicity, sanity, cool graphics, cinematography, and great imaging is something to look out for.

Which musical videos would you say are perfect?

Woooh! Okay slow down… Ain’t nothing like a perfect video… I mean if I say this video is perfect in my eyes, someone would definitely tell you twenty things that are wrong about it.

C’mon, which ones are close?

Okay I’ll call them good and awesome videos. For Nigerian, I’d say “Kabioosi” by Toyin Adebola… directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, and holy spirit by Praise… There are definitely some more anyway.

Let’s talk about your tools

I love Canon, it’s an awesome brand. I use most of the popular Canons. In fact I shot the “Baba Ti Soro” video on 3 of canon’s EOS cameras – 60d, 7d and 5d. But I’ll also be doing more of Blackmagic cinema cameras and REDs soon.

Do you only shoot Christian videos?

Yes sir, mostly Christian videos and probably a few morally sound songs too. And I say it again very few.

Why are you not shooting hip hop music videos?

Hip hop can be gospel, if it is yes I can. But if it is secular or worldly, No I can’t. And the reason is simple, am not wired for it, I mean, how am I going to shoot it.

Let’s talk about the award. Tell me how important it is

It’s called the Nigerian Music Video Awards and has used the annual celebration and awards ceremony as vehicle to promote Nigerian values, culture and unity. The 2014 edition of the annual was devoted to deepening the consciousness and support for a violence-free environment; hence the theme ‘A world without violence’.

The organizers intended to reach the public using music as a platform to further buttress the fact that violent and divisive tendencies portend danger to us all as a people.

How would you describe the artiste Gbade Adetisola?

Gbade is a very humble Man of God. He is an awesome friend too. His style of music is very unique, no imitation whatsoever. He was very sceptical about shooting a video at first, but when we spoke, he decided to allow me. Many people turned me down but he didn’t. Shooting that video, to me was a big privilege and a dream come true. So Bro Gbade thank boss!

So, what’s next for you?

I am a photographer, so I’d say “My job goes on” (smiles) but also I shot another video for Gbade late last year titled Bi Won Ba Gather, it will be out soon and a couple more are in the pipeline. So I’d say expect more music videos from me soon. Also I have been working on some documentaries lately and I’ll say a major one is in the pipeline too, it’s going to be combining some unusual filming techniques. So watch out.

I’ve watched the video severally since I got the link. If you’ve not seen it above, you don’t have to scroll up. It’s a great pleasure to introduce this amazing award-winning video that was meticulously produced and passes a strong message across.


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