Following inferno at Filmhouse Cinema, few people now visit Heritage Mall


As a result of the fire incidence that gutted Ibadan’s first digital cinema Filmhouse Cinema at Dugbe, the number of people that visit the mall has drastically reduced and shop owners and mall visitors who spoke to feared the situation may worsen if the cinema does not resume operations anytime soon.

A shop owner who sells clothes and fashion accessories said the reduction in the number of customers that visit the store has drastically reduced since the fire outbreak.

“I am just personally praying for the cinema to open very soon or something is done to attract people to the mall. If not, we may be moving out,” the owner said.

IBPulse reported the inferno literally brought down the cinema in its entirety and till now, no one really knows what caused it.

The incidence further compounds the woes of the mall which is recording exits of several companies as extensively reported here. Some of the companies that had already moved out of the mall told they decided to leave because of their inability to meet target.

Heritage Mall’s construction cost several billions of naira to put together, but a guy that was playing game at one of the gaming centers in the mall said the bubbling nature of the mall is gradually eroding since the fire outbreak.

To further confirm the central nature of the cinema to the survival and success of the mall, many individuals still visit and are sitting around the cinema area despite the fire incidence.


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