Free robotics training for 2000 students in Ibadan


Free robotics training for 2000 students in Ibadan courtesy ACI (@aciafrica).

ACI has announced an initiative aimed at exposing  school kids in Ibadan to robotics.In a chat with, Mr. Olaoluwa Balogun, founder of the initiative said a total of 40 schools would be visited in order to reach 2,000 students in all.

“We intend visiting each school 4 times and each day we will visit 8 schools,” he told IBPulse.

He also announced that the programme would kick off in October and they are hoping to raise $150,000 for it. A total of 800 robotics instructors would be involved in this project.

“The robotics kits are quite expensive,” he said. “Transportation is another thing and we are not paying instructors, they will be doing it on a volunteering basis,” he said.

If you would like to give something in support of this initiative, you can do it by donating here


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  1. Abubakar, Azeez Tobi on

    Please, I’m interested in getting the Robotics kit and I’ll need the contact details of ACI. Can you send me their contact details on 07013094301 or reply me via my email.
    Get back to me soon.

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