From Ibadan, YNorth launches cool school shoes for children across Nigeria


What you need to know about these Ibadan-made school shoes selling nationwide

Last weekend, I was at the Heritage Mall Dugbe in the heart of Ibadan where Seun Bamiro, who heads YNorth Fashion, exhibited his latest line of shoes for school kids for the first time in Ibadan. It’s no news that the YNorth label is an increasingly popular and trusted one but this latest venture puts YNorth on a similar pedestal with Bata – the company Bamiro so much wants YNorth to be greater than.


I held the school shoes in my hands severally and right there and then I knew that the quality of the product couldn’t be debated. It’s of the topmost quality and I can say that there are no better school shoes in the market. It brought to mind my school days especially the challenge with shoes. Something that every parent could relate to.

You buy shoes for your children and few weeks later, they are getting spoiled and the sole of the shoes may be coming off too. This was why I flipped YNorth’s school shoes over to check out the sole and it was very strong. In addition to the top quality nature of the sole, it was stitched which it meant it wouldn’t be coming off anytime soon.

The reason why YNorth was able to pull the school shoes line off wasn’t just because it was a nice idea, it was a product of methodological research, product design, top quality production and superior finishing.

When we started in 2010, three years down the line, many parents spoke to me about making school shoes, because of the challenge of getting quality shoes that would last long. In 2014, we started the school shoe project, making research on what making quality school shoes would entail. We found out that many parents had issues with the upper part of the shoes, but the soles were good. Also, environments differ. We discovered that children’s school shoes survive better when made with pure leather, especially because of the activities they engage in as school children.

We also found out that Nigeria has quality leather but couldn’t produce the kind of quality soles that would be best for school shoes. As a result, we had to conduct another research on how to get quality soles, going as far as outside the country to places like China. So, to cater for the Nigerian weather condition and the children’s activities, we asked that a space be put between the sole and the upper part, so that we can sew it round, as additional protection to ensure durability. Our shoes are very durable and can be passed from one sibling to the other, and for parents who would not want that, they could give the shoes out to those in need, and even after long use, they would still look as good as new,” YNorth CEO told Nigerian Tribune.


He disclosed that they are currently offering discounts while also encouraging parents to bring their children along to YNorth stores for fitting. He also gave tips on how parents should buy school shoes.

With our environment, parents should look out for solid, pure 100 per cent leather shoes. Very good soles are also important. Also, many schools use black, so they also have to invest in quality shoe polish. They should avoid liquid polish because it spoils shoes easily. You know the shoes are polished on an almost daily basis and frequent use of liquid polish will shrink the leather.



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