From shoes, YNorth ventures into fashion


The favorite shoe brand YNorth is expanding to clothes with the upcoming launch of its shirts and ties

YNORTH WEARS Inspired by lifestyle, fashion and culture, announces the Launching of our DRESS SHIRTS AND TIES which will be available from the 4th of March 2017 to satisfying the ever increasing demands of fashionistas and trendsetters across the globe.

The CEO of YNORTH WEARS, Mr Bamiro Babalola Oluwaseun having been an active participant in the world of fashion ,talked of YNORTH BRAND being a force to reckon with in the Launching of our shoe line with the slogan” I DESERVE NEW SHOES ”followed by school shoes for students with the slogan” I DESERVE NEW SCHOOL SHOES” and now the introduction of the DRESS SHIRT line with ” I DESERVE NEW SHIRTS” all designed to giving the public the best quality and affordable SHIRTS.

Guaranteeing superior quality with international standards , the new DRESS SHIRTS and TIES would be sold in YNORTH STOREand distributed through a network of retail STORES and SUPERMARKETS as well as online platforms . our vibrant team of staff and designers eager to satisfying your fashion needs in the best possible ways.

Going forward, YNORTH WEARS plans to take the SHIRT market by storm, as well as continuing to strive to remain relevant in the minds of the fashion loving Nigerians at all times.

YNORTH BRAND goal is to be the place to go when looking out for the latest in fashion as well as get value for your money by ensuring the continuous production of top quality wears for all generation at affordable prices.


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