Fuel scarcity hits Ibadan


Yesterday, motorists and of course, those that rely on generating sets for electricity had to embark on what appeared like Gulder Ultimate Search around the city in search of fuel.

While several filling stations claim they don’t have the commodity, some of those that were selling the product were asking for NGN100 per liter.

When asked what is responsible for the scarcity, many respondents who have direct contacts with the filling station operators said it could in connection to the presidential election that would hold this weekend.

“There will not be movement during the elections so I’m guessing the petrol stations are holding on to the supply they have,” a female customer told IBPulse.com

The situation is the same in major parts of the city including Bodija, Iwo Road, Agodi Gate and several others. At the stations where petrol was sold, the queues were long as individuals were also engaging in panic fuel purchase aimed at stockpiling fuel till the transient scarcity ends.


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