Fun Amendment Facts Everyone Should Know


As a brief introduction and also as a fact that every American citizen should know, states are not simple political subdivisions belonging to the United States, and they are not administrative agencies of the Federal Government either. None of the positions taken by the officials of the state appear in the organizational chart of the Federal Government. The American Constitution entitles the States to a “residuary and inviolable sovereignty” which is being reserved by the Tenth Amendment. Now here are a few interesting and rather fun facts on the amendments you might also find engaging.

Fun Amendment Fact #1: The US Was A “Loose Confederacy Of Sovereign States”. 

During the Constitutional Convention gathering that was meant to create the Constitution, America was imagined as a group of sovereign states with a government of separate branches that were supposed to constantly verify and also help one another. Not sure how this would work? Imagine you and your best friends doing the same common thing – such as embracing a bingo gaming hobby –  with each of your doing your own gaming, and periodically checking out on one another, asking for your wins and losses and supporting one another with money or advice when things wouldn’t be going the way you might have planned. The site for example could be your favorite go-to location if you enjoy being able to choose among several bingo games, as well as exciting side games such as slots and other scratch card games while enjoying some spectacular financial benefits.  

Fun Amendment Fact #2: Amendment 10 Does Not Enumerate A Freedom Of The US People.  

Just like amendment nine fails to clearly state freedoms or privileges that belong to the American population, the same goes for the tenth and the rest of the amendments. This is the reason why Amendment X is used in the form of a bulwark against the government. The 10th amendment explicitly expresses the wishes of our founding fathers, namely, the need for the States to be sovereign lead by a three-branch government with limited powers and a unique Constitution to rule all citizens and protect their individual rights against tyrannical governments.

Fun Amendment Fact #3: The 10th Amendment Forbids The Federal Government To Intrude On The State’s Freedoms.

This is an everlasting prohibition which disables the federal government from trying to compel a state to act in a certain way in an area in which the respective state holds its own sovereign powers.



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