Gender violence: Ibadan shopper slaps female guard at Shoprite Dugbe


Short-tempered Ibadan shopper slaps female guard at Shoprite Dugbe

Sunday afternoon was one to remember for those that were at the first Shoprite store in Ibadan – the one at Cocoa Mall. I was there to buy some stuff but my attention was drawn to an event that unfolded at the entrance. It involved a shopper, his friend and a female guard.

At first, I only saw commotion and the short tempered shopper was shouting “Who are you?” at high decibel and we all set aside what we were doing and gave them our full attention.

I inquired further and was told the guy slapped the security personnel who asked him to surrender himself for routine search. If you are quite conversant with how they operate at Shoprite stores across Nigeria, you would agree that they you search you when you are leaving. But this guy felt offended and decided to slap the lady.

I then asked myself whether he would have done the same thing if it were a male security guard. We could only guess but what I was very sure of was the fact that the lady wasn’t happy with the hot slap – who will be? Also, the look on her face made me believe she felt violated.

I see the development as one of the sacrifices that come with that kind of job – everyday they are exposed to different kinds of people including those who think it is right to slap a woman. But the store management sprung to her support and I was glad that the perpetrator was handed over to officers of the Nigerian Police Force – an action that I totally support.

Looking at the issue as a whole, all I can think of is the decadence in our society. How can a man slap a lady and still believe he did the right thing? It’s not just our education sector that is on a downward spiral, our morals are getting degraded also. God help us


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