Gov Ajimobi confirms he will not declare his assets publicly


Gov Ajimobi confirms he will not declare his assets publicly

Earlier this week, IBPulse kicked off an online campaign, #OpenUp, in which I’m asking the governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi, to publicly declare his assets. In what seemed like a swift response, the governor has stated affirmatively that he may not declare his assets publicly – even though he did that in 2011 at the outset of his first term.

Speaking through his spokesperson, Gbade Ojo, the governor said public declaration is not a compulsory act.

He said, “Declaration of assets is a constitutional matter that all civil servants must do. The Code of Conduct Act makes it mandatory for all civil servants to do so. But the Act does not make it compulsory that it is done publicly.”

“In 2011, when Governor Abiola Ajimobi was sworn in as the governor of the state, he declared his assets and since he is a re-elected governor, he doesn’t have to do it again. The media can go through the Code of Conduct Bureau to access it.

“As for President Buhari and his Vice, Professor  Osinbajo, they are newly elected. So, that is why they have done it as required by the constitution.

“As for me, I have also declared my assets but not publicly and since there is Freedom of Information Act, the media can go and access it to know whether what I have declared is correct or not.”

This is what the governor declared in 2011:

The total amount of cash he had in banks in the country was N292, 432, 107.00 while he had none in any foreign account.

The governor also declared that he had a mansion in Ibadan worth N250m, a building in the same city worth N150m, another one with the value of N300m in Lagos, as well as a detached house worth N300m in Abuja.

He added that he had a flat purchased through mortgage financing worth £450,000 in the United Kingdom, another worth £1.95m, purchased through mortgage in the UK and another house worth $1.5m in the United States of America.

Ajimobi also declared that he owned 131 acres of farm land in a village at the Ido Local Government area of Ibadan worth N150m, two Lagos-based companies, Viz Grandex Nigeria Limited, worth N200m and Network Petroleum Nigeria Limited, worth N260m.

The governor put the worth of all his vehicles at N94.25m and household furniture, which include generating sets and electronics at N25m.

The governor also declared that his wife, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, possesses a house in Ibadan that is worth N15m and another in Lagos that is worth N250m.

If the state governor had all of these in 2011, only God knows how much he’s worth now. No wonder he is not interested in letting us know, but we deserve to still know sha


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