Guide to a romantic Valentine’s Day in Ibadan, plus best places to be


Do you want to have the best Valentine’s Day experience ever in Ibadan, this guide is for you

Whether you are an indoor or claustrophobic person, when it is February 14th, you have no choice but to go out with your significant other. In Ibadan, Valentine is a big deal as popular places are often filled with large number of people. If you and your partner don’t mind long queues, maybe you don’t need this piece. But for those that value privacy, silence, prompt and good services, this is for you.

One thing that you should know is that there are some places that naturally come to everyone’s minds. These are the places that always enjoy high number of visitors particularly at the Valentine peak hours of 5 – 9pm. I know your lover would desire to go to those places, it is okay to go, but you have to go on time so that you don’t regret it.

Which is why I will recommend that you start your Valentine’s Day rendezvous around noon or thereabout. Shopping is a fun thing to do for her and for yourself. You might have bought her some gifts but I still derive much fun in shopping with my wife (yea I’m married so take my recommendation seriously). Depending on your location and budget, you have a wide array of places to take her to. What I recommend is to tell her what how much you can afford and let her decide where she wants to go instead.

We have Shoprite and several FoodCo outlets. If you go around afternoon, you won’t have to endure the long queues that will be the case in the evening.

During the shopping session, you guys should talk and laugh a lot. But most importantly for me, I’d ensure we walk for so long that we need the food subsequently which is what happens next. When you go to restaurants around 4, they are just gearing up for the Valentine session. It is always crazy in the evening.

I think it was 3 Valentine Days ago that I couldn’t get a seat at my favorite restaurant in Ibadan – Champ’s at Heritage Mall. The workers know me so they made seats available to me and my wife but we couldn’t wait to eat because people had already finished all the good meals they had.

Do not let this happen to you. Be smart about it. Go on time and you will have the best seats and fewer strangers around you. There are several restaurants in Ibadan depending on your budget and taste. Whatever your category though, take her to a new restaurant abeg and you can choose from this ten, click here. I always advise guys to be the ones to order the food and not the lady in order to be in charge of the cost and to avoid unnecessary drama.

After the meal, what I will recommend is a good movie, any movie will work actually because the way your lady’s head is wired is to draw a list of the places you are taking her to. If you have a particular movie in mind, choose that one so you can enjoy your money. Even if she doesn’t enjoy the movie, it is still good for you because she will give you more ‘attention’ and that’s what you want on this day. Try and get popcorn. Me and my wife always have fun smuggling cinema banned food items inside. It’s something you and your partner can do also. At Filmhouse they check bags, so have fun trying to beat that. If you can’t do that, just buy popcorn and enjoy your movie.

If you cannot afford to take her to the cinema or you have crazy ulterior motives, I will recommend setting up the movie in the house. On your laptop placed on the bed. If this is your move, it had better be a very romantic movie and I will recommend the following – Friends With Benefits, Sleeping With Other People, Pretty Woman, Bridget Jone’s Diary, and several others. You can even ask her what movie she wants. If you want things to happen, after the movie is your best chance. If things happen, be on your best behavior and afterwards, cuddle a lil. That’s not the end of the day. I love walking around the city to just talk. Ladies love men that listen to them a lot. Pick a tourist destination – Bower’s Tower is my favorite, not just the tower itself but the neighborhood. The city is spread out right in front of you and you can soak in the view in the comfort of your loved one.

I also love navigating what remains of the Cultural Center in Ibadan. The various ancient areas are also my favorite – you guys can walk from Bere, Oja-Oba, Oritamerin to Dugbe. Walk until you are tired before going back home and you can still more of whatever you are doing. But before you go home, give her something she can share with her friends/family. Domino’s Pizza does it for me. I also go out of my way to give her something really special and if you know ladies very well you would agree with me that you can never go wrong with shoes and bags. For me, I prefer shoes and my favorite shoe brand is YNorth. Get her a pair and she can help you choose yours.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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