Guinness Nigeria denies Orijin contains cancer-causing chemical


For several days, apprehension has gripped individuals that drink ORIJIN drink produced by Guinness Nigeria following a widely circulating rumor that the drink contains benzoate, a chemical which the rumor peddler said is a major contributor to all types of cancer.

A post credited to one Lilian Uche Iruka that was published on the popular Ndi Igbo Facebook page said the effect of the benzoate is inevitably cancer especially of the kidney and liver.

“You can check the internet to look at the effect of benzoate on your health. Please stop using your money to buy death. Stop drinking Orijin. Let your Christmas be spent in happiness with your family and friends. Be wise,” the post stated.

When brought this to the attention of Guinness Nigeria, manufacturers of the drink, it described the rumor as a threat to the Orijin brand adding the company would never make use of a chemical that is dangerous to human health.

Orijin took the industry by storm, sending the dominant products out of the market and making an instant impact in the alcoholic beverage market. Before Orijin’s arrival mid last year, there have been products like Alomo Bitters, Kerewa, Kogbebe, Ibile, Durosoke, Dadubule, Action Bitters, Koboko, Ogidigba, Pasa Bitters, Osomo among others.


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