Here’s how a Boko Haram bomb maker was arrested in Ibadan at Alalubosa GRA


A Boko Haram bomb maker was arrested in Ibadan, here’s how it went down

I was gobsmacked when I read in Nigerian Tribune of a major feat achieved by security operatives who arrested a suspected Boko Haram terrorist, Alkali, in Ibadan. According to the report, the suspect had already confessed that he fled Sambisa forest.

It would be recalled that the stronghold of the terrorists was dislodged in December, 2016 by troops on Operation Lafiya Dole with many of the terrorists fleeing the forest. Interestingly, the suspect was apprehended on Sunday, January 1 in Alalubosa GRA of the Ibadan metropolis following a tip-off from residents.

A police source told the media that the suspect was in detention at the state CID and confessed to being a key member of the sect. He reportedly confessed to being in charge of the dangerous weapons at the disposal of the group, including grenades and dynamites.

The source said: “The man was arrested on Sunday night by security agents from the Iyaganku Division of the Oyo State Police Command.

“This followed a tipoff by the people of the Alalubosa GRA who were curious of his sudden appearance in the neighbourhood.

“The man, who said his name is Alkali, claimed that he ran from Sambisa Forest after the place was captured by the military.

“He was found roaming about in the Alalubosa GRA by the people who lodged a report with the law enforcement agency.

“Under investigation at the Iyaganku Division, he confessed that he fled from Sambisa Forest in Borno State and got to Mobil, Ring Road, Ibadan on foot.

“He was immediately accosted by some Hausa people who are plying their trade there. They immediately called the attention of their leader who subjected him to a round of interrogation.

“He however fled from them under questioning, only to be seen at the Alalubosa GRA area by some residents who were curious of his appearance and way of dressing.

“The residents of Alalubosa GRA immediately notified the Iyaganku Division of the state police command who sent a team of security personnel to effect his arrest and he was eventually taken to the police station.

“Under interrogation at the police station, he made some confessional statement, claiming that he is a Boko Haram member from Borno State and that he fled from the Sambisa Forest, following the invasion and capture of the place by the Nigerian Army.

“He is presently held in the inner custody of the cell at the state CID as he said he was not the only person that escaped from Sambisa Forest.

“The suspect said he came to Ibadan with some other members of the Boko Haram sect, adding that some are already in Lagos.”


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