Here’s why YNorth Store is launching at the Palm’s Mall


YNorth Store is opening at Palm’s Mall Ring Road on Sunday. But why is the company doing this? The CEO tells IBPulse.

In a chat with IBPulse on the company’s latest major step, its CEO, Seun Bamiro, said his goal for YNorth Store is to move the brand to the new generation Mall.

“First is for the exposure for the brand. Secondly, getting YNorth around the big brand will help us to be better in terms of qualities and deliveries. As you know the competition around the foreign brand in Fashion industries is high there,” Bamiro told IBPulse.

According to him, being at the mall will challenge the company to do better to meet up wit the standard of quality the foreign brands are delivering.

“Thirdly, our vision for YNorthStore is sell it as franchise to people. For the past two years, we have been test-running a lot of things regarding that. So putting it on this platform is one of it,” Bamiro said.

But it is obviously a very big move, and expensive one, for the company to move to the mall which was why I asked the YNorth brand founder whether the decision could be sustained by the company since several brands are usually forced to leave malls at the expiration of their lease agreement.

In his response, Bamiro said they have put in a lot measure and arrangement to stabilise the company before deciding to go to the Palm’s Mall.

“This is the next stag of YNorthStore. It is a giant step for us. And we are going there to stay. Our vision for YNorth is far bigger than the cost of moving to the mall,” the CEO said.

He also revealed that before the end of October.

“We just need to start with Palms Mall first. We already have a deal with another mall. We just want to take it one after the other. So we do Palms first,” he told IBPulse.

When I pressed him further for the name of the other mall the company will be launching at, he revealed it is the Cocoa Mall at Dugbe.

At Palm’s Mall, YNorth Store would be situated at Shop UL 40 just beside Diamond Bank. Bamiro was confident when he said his brand has what they need in the mall.

“We have lovely and more shoe designs. We bringing more to the customers at the mall. Our School shoes for children are of top quality. YnorthShirts are top notch. We also have plenty of years and rooms for adjustment. We are in for the game,” he said.

I also asked him about the company’s newest line of products – The YNorth Shirts which he said are doing great in the market.

“We are appreciating our customers on this. It has been so wonderful, the acceptance is unbelievable and we have done so much on Publicity for it and it has been lovely. The market should be expecting so much from us this time.”

To herald the launch of the brand at the mall, Bamiro said the company is inviting a lot of dignitaries.

“We are also having promotions on the shirt, shoes and schools shoes; we are also launching the casual outfits,” he said.

There will also be free medical services during the launch as people in attendance would be able to have their blood pressure checked; they also do malaria test, sugar and cholesterol level investigations, get free drugs and several others.

In other words, make it a date with YNorth at the launch of YNORTH Store at Shop UL 40, Palm’s Mall, Ring Road Ibadan on the 20th of August 2017.


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