High and low moments of Peteru's Comedy Hub 2 event


Let me start by saying that I am always conscious of events that I attend because of my high expectations and tough stance when it comes to quality. I get invited to events in various parts of the country which means I have a broader perspective of what a good event should be like.

I will attempt to assess Peteru’s Comedy Hub 2 in comparison with similar standard events in Nigeria and not Ibadan.

As far as Ibadan events are concerned, Peteru can go to bed and give himself a pat on the back that he did a great job. He was able to successfully overfill the cinema hall although I guess many people got free tickets but a large proportion actually paid which means he got returns on his investment. He was also on top of his game as a comedian.

Prior to the commencement of the event, I spoke to him sometime around 2:30pm. He looked perturbed and unsure about some logistics. I even sneaked into the hall around 4:45pm and I saw him sitting on the floor painstakingly going through a list that looked like a record of tickets sold.

When the event finally kicked off around 5:30pm, the hall was already filled with people. There were lots of sponsors which suggested that with the proceeds from tickets sold and donations from sponsors, the organisers had no excuse for not staging a good show.

High Points

His opening monologue was very impressive, his guest acts also did a terrific job – from Ope who sang Mariah Carey’s hit song ‘Hello’ to the guy from Ilorin.

Firstborn was also refreshingly funny plus the guy that joked about how Ebola made Nigerians not to take HIV/AIDS seriously.

The small chops too, though not enough to pass for a meal was at least good enough to show that he cared enough for our well being. I also have to commend the sound quality and the DJ.

Low Points

While it’s a good thing to recognise and commend sponsors, I think he overdid it. I checked my stopwatch and discovered he spent more than 50% of his time thanking them much to the distaste of the couple that sat beside me. And like several others, I felt their annoyance because they came for a comedy event and not a thanksgiving service.

The timing was also wrong. I know comedy shows in Lagos do start around 6 or 7pm. But this is Ibadan – we are a closely knitted community that value family time a lot. Only revival programmes and beer palours would keep Ibadan people outside beyond 7pm. I remember the Glo Laff Fest Show. Even though Basketmouth and others were on stage, Ibadan residents started living around 8pm.

I don’t blame them because there are security guards in the city that would force you to hawk Akara Kemgbe if you stroll to the area from 10pm. I don’t why he had to delay the show till 5pm on a Sunday evening. Starting at 2 would have been ideal.

The overflow was not a good sight to behold either. I don’t know about others but I’m not sure I’ll be happy with an event organiser that couldn’t get me a seat after collecting N2,000 from me.

In conjunction with other celebs present, Peteru also did something that was subtle but highly significant – looking at the audience as money signs instead of people who love him and believe in him enough to the extent of paying to see him.

What I want to see at Comedy Hub 3

He has started something phenomenal and I really commend his tenacity. Like Big Bolaji rightly told him, you can make money in Ibadan if you use your senses. For the next edition holding in November, he should focus more on comedy and the fans rather than brands and sponsors.

Those he has put in charge of lighting too should be compelled to be professional – you can’t be confused and confusing us at the same time whether the light should be on or off. They have the equipment but I’m not sure they know how to operate it well enough.

The aisle must also be cleared and we should not have to go to the ladies selling popcorn to get our drinks – except it is a strategy to deter people from doing so.

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