How Ibadan cinema goers reacted to 50 Shades Of Grey movie


Since it premiered on Valentine’s Day eve, controversial movie 5o Shades of Grey has attracted mixed reactions across the globe yet it remains the number one movie globally even though some reviewers claim it is degrading to women.

It is the story of the unique secret sex life of a very successful young businessman, Christian Grey, who was initiated to BDSM at a very young age and this experience really changed his perception about women who he sees as existing only to satisfy him. He loves to tie, blindfold and spank.

While in the cinema, I saw that most of those that came to see the movie were couples or let’s just say lovers. I sat in between of such and the guys were very much vocal throughout the movie – it was obvious they liked the escapades of Christian. Pushing it further I suspected they will secretly desire to tie the women up while making love.

For the ladies, I saw about three of them that left in the middle of the movie, none left while the scenes were going on. They probably  hated the movie or had to get home on time cos it was getting too late in the night.

The foreign guys and ladies that I saw didn’t appear to hate the movie – as a matter of fact, it looked like they had fun.

In my opinion, our individual reactions to the movie would be largely dependent on our view on BDSM. If you don’t know what that is, you should check it out. When you do, come back and let’s have a debate.

In all, the film featured stunning performances by Grey Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Everyone is also talking about its soundtrack


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