How I'm surviving the fuel crisis in Ibadan


Here’s how I’m surviving the fuel crisis in Ibadan

Last week, the cost of petrol reached one of the all time highs peaking at NGN200 per liter and many friends are already reluctant to drive their cars choosing to go with taxis instead. Even though government is bringing back fuel subsidy, it may take time to see any noticeable change and many private car owners are reluctant to put their cars on the road when they are not Ajimobi. But for me, I am still stubbornly refusing to drop the car key at home. Instead, I’m finding new ways to maximize the little fuel that remains in my car tank.

No air-conditioning

Even though I’ve not confirmed the car uses more fuel when the AC is on that when it is not, I’ve decided to temporarily stop using the cooling system in order to prolong the lifespan of the fuel that I have. This isn’t something you can easily do these days considering the fact that the weather is unbelievably hotter than ever before. But if you know the action could remotely increase the lifespan of your fuel, you will make the sacrifice. And the heat in the car reduces when the car is going really fast.

Taxis are super cheap in Ibadan

Every time I visit Lagos, Abuja or any other major Nigerian city, I am always appreciative of our taxi drivers in Ibadan, they are so understanding and charge lowest to the best of my knowledge which is why I will recommend taking taxis when you know that there will be heavy traffic instead of exhausting your fuel on the road. Furthermore, those guys know shortcuts a lot so you can get to your destination on time.

Join the long queue at Bovas

Few days ago, I read on Sahara Reporters of the impressive exploits of the management of Bovas filling stations within Ibadan. Even though people are selling petrol for as high as N200 per liter, Bovas still sells at N87. Which means that if you can afford to set a day aside, you can join the long queue, fill your tank and enjoy your car.

Know your car’s fuel consumption rate

I know that different cars use up different volumes of fuel for same distance which is why I will advice that you figure out how your car performs as it affects fuel consumption. If your car is fuel efficient, lucky you. If you drive those ones that consume lots of fuel, eh yah.

Ajumose buses

If you don’t have a car and you want to go around the city at low cost, your best (and only) option is via the Ajumose bus. I know they are tattered now, very slow, noisy and hot – but they will get you to your destination. The only sacrifice you have to make is to leave home earlier than normal.

My prayer is that this fuel scarcity does not extend beyond this week.

Happy new week folks


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