How teachers and flowers worked against Fayemi

It is true Fayose is a broad day looter of the treasury, at least as his former impeachment exposed. First you have to blame the system that saw to Fayose’s emergence as a flag bearer of a political party despite his smeared morality.

Else where, Fayose would be languishing in prison now or at least would have served some jail term. He would have been banned from contesting any political office forever.

It was not the Ekiti grassroot voters that bastardised the judiciary System. It was not the local palm wine tapper that gave Fayose a clean bill of integrity. It wasn’t that retired school teacher, who keeps fainting on the pensioners’ long queue, fruitlessly enduring the monthly screening with constantly dashed hope of getting the paltry stipend that could hardly take care of his transport fare to and back from the city screening centre, no he wasn’t the one who rebranded Fayose as an innocent young man, who was only being politically witch-hunted by the vengeaful OBJ.

Again, it was not the road side mechanics, public transport workers, market women, fishermen and the petty traders that described the Ribadu’s anti-corruption crusade against Fayose, Atiku, Alamesiagha, Ibori etc as mere selective witch-hunting of OBJ’s enemies.

The Ekiti people both rural and urban have for long been tutored largely by the current leaders of APC, that these so called corrupt politicians brought down by the fearless Ribadu were merely victims of OBJ political dog. It is like arming a man with a dagger he would later bring to visit one’s jugular.

If Ribadu only brought Fayose and the likes down just because they were not in OBJ’s good record, why will Ekiti people not return Fayose to compensate him for his ordeals? Ekiti people may want to ask.

Secondly, I had discussions with friends from Ekiti today and it is being said that Fayemi sunk boreholes only for flowers while an average Ekiti man cannot boast of access to potable water. An average citizen, in the last few years, has fought some overwhelming temptation to pluck the streets decorating flowers to cook it as vegetables! 

It cannot be said now that those flowers remain safe now and beyond the reach of these hungry citizens as Fayemi leaves office. They will rush at them and cook as vegetable for meal! A government that does not improve the working condition of the teachers, who are said to constitute 45% of Ekiti population has surely got his priority wrong.

You don’t have to distribute money to cushion effect of poverty in our society. There are masses-oriented programmes to alleviate poverty – small scale loans, investment in agriculture, promotion of entrepreneurial ventures, scholarship schemes and several others. 

Urban beautification is a white elephant project to hungry citizenss. Ekiti people know where their shoes pain them and they have decided accordingly. 
The thumb has triumphed!

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