How to be free from MTN's unsolicited SMS and calls


Have you ever woken  up in the morning only to see 8 (or more) unread messages which made you become anxious hoping they are serious messages only to find out they are from 5021, 5020, and 5030 – 3 messages each!

Or have you ever grabbed your phone on a sunny afternoon when you heard the SMS tone hoping it would a credit alert from your bank only to find out the SMS came from 5031 or 4100 asking you to reply with Yes in order to receive free stock trading tips daily at the rate of N100 per week?

Well, you are not the only – all telecoms subscribers in Nigeria are dealing with this daily but an end is in sight.

This morning, my madam informed me that there is a way to stop receiving unsolicited SMS from MTN.

Send STOP to 33111. You should get a text that read thus: “You will be removed from our campaign database within 24 hours.

Interesting the text ends with a thank you. I guess the ‘thank you’ is the network appreciating us for tolerating them for so long.


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