How To Become A Locksmith In The U.S.


America continues to be the “promised land” for many foreigners who dream of a better life. And, thanks to globalization, reaching it is not as hard as it used to be a few decades ago. Things are even simpler if you have a professional career that you can put into practice once you get there, or at least that can aid you with finding a job and making a living faster. If you interested in handyman professions such as locksmithing, these lines below will tell you how to become an authorized locksmith in the U.S. and what you should expect.

What Do Locksmiths Do?

Generically said, they fix locks. But the job of a locksmith is so much more complex. Lock technicians specialize in working with locks, keys, padlocks, and safes, and they are also known to install, repair, and maintain security alarm systems, buzzers, or offer emergency lockout help. They aid customers select the most suitable locks for their homes, commercial spaces, or vehicles, and they are often times preferred to fix accidental lockouts because they can open doors without any keys using zero-damage practices.

A trained 247 locksmith in Dallas for example knows how to handle simple and complex tools and products, locking devices and security systems and they stay updated with the latest additions to the already large number of locks in the industry. Grinders, drills, and lathes are just a few of the tools they also handle perfectly, and if a locksmith also has experience working with carpentry tools or if he can perform electrical work, he will have a few aces up his sleeve.

How To Train To Become A Locksmith

Two main things are required to become a locksmiths: classroom learning and hands-on experience. You can join one of the many locksmithing schools or specialized locksmithing training programs around the United States and you can either join an in-person or an online course. If you are not sure where to start, go to the official Associated Locksmiths of America website and take a look at their list of approved training programs there. Pick one that is closest to your new American home and get ready for the key identification, lock installation, key making, or lock picking courses, to name just a few of the type of courses part of these programs. You will also specialize in safe and vault locks, as well as master keys, locks that enable electronic access, residential, commercial, and automotive locks, and any other type of a lock category you could think of. This way, you will get the chance to get hired by a good local or nationwide locksmithing company that offers the full array of services.

In-person training programs usually allow students to benefit from hand-on practice, while online programs will provide them with tools to use for home practice. Apprenticeship programs or trainee programs will allow you to work close to experienced locksmiths and either go out into the field with hired locksmiths or perform various tasks around the office.

Licensure Requirements For Locksmiths

Several U.S. states require locksmiths to obtain a license in order to practice their trade. Obtaining voluntary certification is an additional proof to show future customers that you have met all of the high locksmithing standards.

There are states that will only ask you to pass a criminal history background check, but you can also expect to be asked to complete pass licensing examination or a training course.


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