How to pick up the most proper shelf type [Sponsored]


Here’s how to pick up the most proper type of shelf [Sponsored]

It is not difficult to find the proper shelf for your home: at first, define its purpose and select the appropriate design. There are not so many varieties of them and all of shelf types you can find on Jiji. They all are in a perfect condition and at very good prices! There are all kinds of shelves for sale of unique models that will be just great for your interior! Don’t waste time for shopping and queues!




Bookshelves is the first and most common type. They are distinguished from other models by the sidewall that supports the folios. It can be both fixed and removed: special (metal) holders are put on the wooden edge of the shelf and serve as a kind of stopper for outside books.


Shelves for accessories

Glass shelves for accessories are considered to be the second most popular type. Unlike the bookshelves, they are not designed for heavy loads and can’t hold the weight of the thick volumes. It is assumed that you will place a couple of photos, a decorative vase, or some handicrafts.


Kitchen shelf

There are special requirements for the kitchen shelf: it should be made of easy to clean materials (glass, metal), which often has all sorts of hooks, hangers.


Shelf design

The distinguishing features between the traditional shelves, racks, and unit-element for the furniture set for the living room are very conditional. In contrast to the rack, the shelf has only one, at least – two or three supporting surfaces. Smaller size, greater compactness allow this piece of furniture to make the most incredible forms.



There are several common types of shelf designs:

  • with concealed fastening. External holders are invisible, and it seems that decorative wooden board is “glued” to the wall. In fact, it is placed on the massive metal studs, and connected with them by small screws;


  • console type. The holders are not only supportive, but one of the main decorative elements. There are lower consoles (mounted under the shelf, and not always on the edges) and side consoles (put on the shelf ends);


  • composing / module. The basic element for the production of the rack. The geometry of the object can be any, as long as the metal modules are docked with each other properly;


  • Shelf with one or two surfaces, protruding out the support. Typically, these models are designed for the installation of flower pots with twining (hanging) plants;


  • Not quite the shelf – a cross between a wooden shelf and stand. It is a mobile platform surface with four wheels. Most often it serves as a holder for TV or large flower pots.



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