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When I wrote about the 10 Best Bukas and Restaurants in Ibadan, one of the commenters, Kay, spoke glowingly of Martha’s Kitchen located along Booksellers. I promised to check the place out and some days ago, I did just that.

Even though the exterior looked quite decent, the interior looked quite amazing. The place reminded me of the restaurant at FourPoint by Sheraton Hotel in Lagos. It is not your regular restaurant where there would be lots of people, the atmosphere was quite serene, exquisite and to some extent exclusive.

When it was time to order, I was expecting to be given one of those hardcover printed stuffs, rather, the lady that waited  on us handed over a tablet device with the various meals I could get at the place. Impressive huh?

I scanned through the meal and I was seeing all those vegetarian meals I grudgingly eat outside the country so I quietly asked her for local cuisines. She revealed the section where those our swallow meals were. Now my problem was making up my mind.

Anytime I’m trying a new restaurant out, I usually order Chapman and fried rice + chicken which were what I asked for. The Chapman came quite on time but I had to wait a lil while for my rice. While sipping my Chapman, the waitress also brought groundnut, which was the first time I would be getting that in Ibadan. I hope Phurlash reads this and learn.

When my rice finally came, I turned my attention to the chicken which also came with sauce. With my fork I lifted the chicken and I took a slice with the knife. I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and dropped it with an open mind. It tasted real good.

When I finished the meal I concluded I’ve made another impressive discovery.

But for some minutes we were just one of the two groups that were there and I began to wonder whether the location of the restaurant was right. I later realised that several individuals order from their houses and only show up to pick them up. I also saw a family, friends and well wishers contingent that came to celebrate the birthday of one of them so I guess if everyone ordered something, the restaurant could still survive.

However, I believe a good restaurant like Martha’s could use a better location or more publicity. But if returns on investment are being realised, the restaurant can continue to focus on satisfying its regular and loyal clients in the locality.

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