Ibadan agog for Children's Day


Today May 27 is Children’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate children and to address issues affecting them. In Nigeria, the most popular child issue in Nigeria is the use of girls by Boko Haram for suicide missions. It is really sad.

I read somewhere earlier this week that suicide is the leading cause of death of girls across the world! We have a serious issue on our hands and I hope this is speedily addressed.

In Ibadan, we are lucky enough not to have girls wearing bomb vests but we also have a unique child abuse issue – underage traders. Everywhere you turn to, there is a child selling something. Even though education is free, many children in Ibadan are not in school.

The state government should be concerned about dealing with this issue because what use is free education without children in classes?

On a lighter note, Fun Factory and Agodi Gardens have events for children today. Take your children out to have fun because they deserve it. Because looking back at my childhood and comparing with the present day, I can’t help but pity children of nowadays.


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