Ibadan at risk of major disease outbreak


20140918_084653_0Every Thursday is Environmental Sanitation Day in Oyo state, an initiative of the Abiola Ajimobi-led administration in the state aimed at promoting clean environment. However, the popular trend of dumping refuse in the middle of the road puts the city at great risk of a major disease outbreak.

From 5am till nightfall you will see heaps of refuse lining the roads across the city, some of them with dead animals and rotten substances that contain deadly organisms.

Take Iyana Church area for instance, the roads are always lined with refuses and you cannot ignore the foul smell. The same way the odour is getting to  your nostrils is the same way airborne germs would get into the body system with fatal outcomes.

Insects perch on the refuse and could easily transfer dirt from the refuse to far and near places.

I know the ministry of environment is striving to keep the state clean,  but lining the roads with debris and turning major roads into refuse dumps would be a source of potential public health crisis for residents of the city.

There are better ways of ensuring refuses are packed and relentless efforts should be made to safeguard the environment in order to keep the people healthy.

How will you explain to  visitor why the city and state governments are allowing people to dump refuses in the middle of the road? It just doesn’t make sense.







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