Ibadan-based singer KoLz nominated for BEN TV Awards


Few days ago, finalists for this year’s BEN TV Awards’ ROAD2FAME competition were announced. According to BEN TV, the aim of the competition this year is to find four amazing talents that deserves to be showcased and from these four, a winner will be chosen. The winner gets to perform at the main event on 11th of December.

Number one on the list of finalists in Kolz, an Ibadan-based singer that sang Afrikan Lady, an upbeat song that you could turntup to. Listen and download below.

He told me he represents Old Ife road and would appreciate the support of Ibadan people especially IBPulse.com’s readers.

IBPulse: When did you start making music?

Kolz: I started music officially year 2011

What have you achieved in your musical career aside this nomination? 

I won on the #freshbeats show on the Beat97.9fm and I get airplay on OluyoleFM #Demo Countdown.

What is the award all about?

It’s a Road to fame like it’s titled #ROAD2FAME, you get to meet, exchange contacts and take pictures with all the A1 nominated for awards.

How did you hear about and how did you apply?

An artiste friend from Ibadan knew about it and he was already in before I applied, I mailed my song and I got no replies. Families, friends and fans were meant to vote but I only told my friends and they started telling their friends too.

What does the nomination mean to you?

Seriously it means I’m representing my city Ibadan and I’m hoping I get the support of the people of Ibadan.

What do you need to win?

I need to win the peoples trust, win the paparazzi treatment and then be the #Road2fame winner for 2014. I just need to improve, get better, keep developing and win bigger awards.

What’s your fan base in Ibadan like?

My fan base keeps getting bigger everyday, I’ve not gotten to that level of reaching everywhere and getting everyone’s recognition.

Why should Ibadan people support you?

Ibadan people should support me because I started here and I’m going to work harder to get to the top and when I get there, I’ll not forget the Ibadan people’s support.

What is unique about your music that would make you stand out in the industry?

My music speaks me and I am not trying to be anyone in the industry, I write according to what I feel and I stay me every time I record.

Which artistes have similar styles as yours?

No artiste actually, I have that unique style and I make my music alongside to my thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

Who are your role models?

August Alsina, Jason Derulo, Magic and Jesse Jagz.

Which area in Ibadan do you represent? 

Old Ife Road.


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