Ibadan has enough malls – expert


Ibadan has enough malls – expertA real estate expert has said Ibadan has enough malls. According to Mr. Makanjuola Ojewumi, the city of Ibadan has enough malls for the level of understanding of the residents on malls.

Speaking exclusively to IBPulse,  Ojewumi who is the lead sponsor and investor for the Jericho Mall said that as people become more in-tune and enlightened about the application of malls, the existing malls in Ibadan will become inadequate.

“As we speak, Ibadan has enough malls. However, it has to be qualified. There are at least 3.5 – 4 million residents in Ibadan and if you take just simple demographics you would know that the available malls cannot serve a population of 4 million people. The deficit here is the fact that people have not yet learned how to use malls properly and it’s a growing education,” he said.

“As I’m speaking now, at the level  of which Ibadan people’s acceptance of malls has reached, we have enough malls. But as time goes, even with the same population of residents, we will need more malls as we begin to learn how to use malls better.”

He also told IBPulse that Ibadan is now competing with Lagos in terms of the number of malls in the city, even though the city will need more malls in the nearest future.

“Ibadan is now competing with Lagos in terms of actual number of malls. As the city of Ibadan wakes up we will need more malls. Presently, the malls in Ibadan are not being used effectively. The offerings inside the malls are not enough in my opinion. Yet it will evolve over time,” he told IBPulse.


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