Ibadan listeners are the most intelligent – Ronke Giwa

Award-winning on-air personality and host of Splash FM’s Morning Splash show, Ronke Giwa (Ronnie G) has described listeners in Ibadan as most diverse and intelligent. 

She told IBPulse.com that unlike other cities where journalists can get away with “shallow and fluffy” contents, the listeners in Ibadan demand more.

“Ibadan listeners are diverse and are the most intelligent. In other cities you can get away with shallow and fluffy stuffs like asking do you want rice or plantain. In Ibadan, the listeners task you,” Ronke said.

She added: “When people think of Ibadan outside the city, they think of people who are still in the bush. What they fail to realize is that there are lots of professors and other learned people in Ibadan.”

On the current competition among the various radio stations in the city, she said she is excited with the presence of other stations in Ibadan. She however noted that Splash FM remains the best.

“I am excited with the competition. At Splash FM, we don’t want to be champions because there is no competition; we want to be the best in the midst of competition,” Ronke told IBPulse.com. She added: “I want to say that Splash FM is still the best in spite of the advent of the additional 2 or 3 private radio stations. We give the best and we task ourselves, even off air. The work we do behind the scene is more than what we do on air.”
On her preferred genre of programmes, she said she is multidimensional and personal.

She said: “I am multidimensional even though you won’t see me on hardcore political programs like Edmund, or on sports shows like Tunde. But I like to know a little about everything. I’m more of a personality kind of presenter; I just go on air, express my true self and update people about different happenings.

“I’m browsing genres but more importantly, I’m me. I’m real, real enough to come on my show. I’m relate-able and I’ve heard it from many people. And I believe people should know something about everything, that’s what I do.”


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