Ibadan only has two 5-star hotels


Ibadan only has two 5-star hotels

A new report by online hotel booking platform Jovago has revealed that Ibadan only has two 5-star hotels. Before you start laughing at Ibadan, you should know that only three cities in Nigeria have more 5-star hotels than Ibadan – Lagos (22), Abuja (6), and Port Harcourt (5).

Interestingly, Ibadan has more 5-star hotels than Calabar which only has one 5-star hotel.

Furthermore, the average price of hotel rooms in Ibadan is N11,000 compared to Lagos where the average hotel price is N17,710, Abuja – N19,400, Port Harcourt – N17,300, Calabar – N14,950.

According to Jovago’s Intelligence Report Nigeria, 51% of Nigerians prefer to book less than a week in advance while 31% book hotels on the same day of their arrival.


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