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Olumide Bisiriyu, CEO and Founder of EG Creativity, has described poets in Ibadan has traditional.In a chat with IBPulse.com he said unlike their colleagues in Lagos, poets in Ibadan are not worried about how people see them.

He said: “Most Ibadan poets tend to be traditional, yet the most striking thing is that unlike Lagos where everything is paparazzi, Ibadan poets don’t care about how you see them or names, they just want to let out their poems. That, to me is a great thing.”
On the favorite poets in Ibadan, he said they include Tade Ipadeola (who won the NLNG prize), Servio Gbadamosi, Femi Amogunla and himself.
On why poetry may seem to be boring to many people, he said not everyone could read and immediately understand poetry.
“It takes a great mind to read poetry and understand immediately… many people do not have that patience/gift to ponder on what they read,” he told IBPulse.com.

He added: “I am a performance and written poet… to some extent, I know the difference and I think poetry is best enjoyed when performed.”


On the qualities of a good poet, he said imagination, metaphor and delivery are essential. To promote poetry in Nigeria he said requires team work.
He said: “There are many poets, but this is not the time to form “levels”… we all got to work together to promote one another. I always tell them to take a cue from comedians; they promote one another and it is helping them… if we don’t promote one another, who will?”  

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