Ibadan political billboard and poster wars in pictures


For more than one month now, I’ve been quietly following the subtle battle of politicians in Oyo state, especially those in Ibadan, who are engaging their opponents in show of strength.

Until few days ago, it was a very mature contest to watch but the hooligans seem to be on rampage now and are destroying billboards and tearing posters of other candidates apart from those of the guy that is paying their salary.

There is something that is unique about the posters and billboards this time compared to 2011 when Nigerians last voted. This year, the politicians took the quality of their billboards and posters higher.

As expected, the gubernatorial candidates of APC, PDP, Labour Party, Accord Party and SDP are the big spenders although senatorial and House of Rep candidates are also making waves.

In many areas around Ibadan, you can see posters and billboards of any candidate but it is gradually emerging that there is some form of territoriality in which you may only be able to see posters and billboards of a politician in a particular area. I noticed this at an area in Bodija where all I could see were posters of the governorship candidate of the Labour Party.

Another issue worthy of note before you start checking out the pics is the disregard of the advertising agency rule that outlawed pasting of posters. This rule is something everyone is breaking, including the state governor’s campaign organisation which seems to be the biggest spender as far as posters and billboards are concerned.

That reminds me, what impact does billboards and posters have on election outcome considering the fact that everyone seems to have made up his or her mind on who to vote for – everyone except me.

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